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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What is the Value of Effort?

Do you pay for results or effort?

Effort towards a task that ends without a result is called trying.  We all know what notable management consultant Yoda said about ”try”. There is no try.  Vivid examples of effort:

Vs. Results
I tried to complete the pass
I tried to not hit your car
No Dents
I tried to not spit on your food
A correctly prepared meal
I tried to balance the budget
Profit goals achieved
I tried to keep the clients happy
Return customers


At the close of the fiscal year, will you reward for goals achieved or goals that had some positive progress towards?  A renowned CEO coldly informed us some years ago, ”If you cannot do the job, I will find someone who will”.  Aptly put, that CEO only pays for goals achieved, not effort toward the goals.  Will your employees step up to that challenge?  Do you see value in rewarding effort?

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