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Friday, April 19, 2013

Should You Hire the B Student?

With the current jobs market and the time of year, a new crop of grads will be banging on your door.  Some years ago, a supervisor told me that there were so many applicants that one could simply screen by grade point average and only interview the very best students.  Best?   I would suggest that you also consider hiring some B students.  In some cases the B student might be the best choice: 

  • The B student may mean a longer term employee.
  • The B student may mean a more eager learner (in order to advance).
  • The B student may not require a premium starting wage.

Don’t get me wrong, the valedictorians have a lot going for them, but they may not be as “hungry” as someone who has been more challenged.  What is your experience?  Does a high grade point average generally equal the superior employee?

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